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Armstrong International’s experienced experts can keep your thermal utility system running smoothly, efficiently and safely, day after day.

Managing your utility system can be as challenging for your business as it is crucial—especially if your staff doesn’t include an energy/utility engineer. Your focus should be on your company’s core product, not running utilities, but qualified labor can be difficult to find. Armstrong can provide any number of skilled, experienced, on-site employees to operate and maintain your utility systems and assets.

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Whether it’s short-term supervision, ongoing management of your entire utility infrastructure, or training to help you manage your system more efficiently, we have the services you need.

Armstrong solves your problems and makes your life easier with expert operations and maintenance services. We can supply one operator tech as well as a full operations and maintenance staff with expertise in steam, condensate, hot water, compressed air, generators, chillers, cooling towers, refrigeration, wastewater treatment, turbines, and more.

Our record for speaks for itself.

Armstrong’s O&M sites have achieved 99.9+% utility reliability, with 0 recordable instances of safety issues in 2021. Our employees adhere to operational and construction safety guidelines and we comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

Customized Operations and Maintenance Services

Armstrong’s O&M services can be tailored to satisfy the unique demands of your company and industry.

Armstrong offers:

  • Audit and analysis of complete O&M function or specified areas
  • Customized technical and safety training for all utility systems
  • Development and implementation of site-specific, best practices and procedures
  • Integrated, on-site services for handling O&M function, which may include providing a complete staff or employment of current plant staff
  • On-site leadership and/or management of daily O&M activities
  • Ownership or leasing of utility assets
  • Project financing and management
  • Safe, efficient utility system startups and/or shutdowns
  • Short-term O&M labor support
  • Utilities oversight, engineering support, and ongoing expert support
  • Utility system and asset management, operation and maintenance

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Project Financing

Armstrong’s flexibility extends to financing, enabling us to tailor our compensation and services to satisfy your company’s unique requirements and ROI objectives. As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong gives you access to a full array of creative financing services that includes bank financing, pay-for-performance and delayed billing, as well as selling your utility assets to Armstrong.

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Two male engineers in hard hats inspecting equipment in mechanical room

Utility Asset Ownership or Leasing

If your company lacks the in-house expertise and budget necessary to operate and maintain your thermal utility at full capacity, we can help. Armstrong has the flexibility and expertise to create a customized, problem-solving partnership with you and we offer a complete range of options to bring your utility optimization plans to life. We can purchase or lease your utility assets, finance needed upgrades, transfer existing operating personnel, and supply selected commodities to your facilities under a long-term energy service agreement.