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Wherever you are on your path to net zero, Armstrong International will meet you at your point of need.

Our expertise, flexibility and in-depth understanding of thermal utility infrastructure allows us to begin the process wherever it makes the most sense for you. Your starting point will be based on your company’s objectives and the unique requirements and conditions of your facilities.

Armstrong's roadmap to decarbonization
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Armstrong Is Your Strategic Partner

A Pragmatic, Tailor-Made Plan of Action

Your Roadmap to Decarbonization will include thermal mapping of your facilities, planned redundancies, and all the steps necessary for lowering energy consumption and reducing environmental emissions to reach your net-zero goal. We take everything into consideration, including:

  • Your goals and objectives
  • Production process
  • Maintenance and reliability
  • Safety
  • Energy reduction and efficiency
  • Existing or potential issues
  • Foreseeable production and product trends for the future

Armstrong Will Lead You Through Your Transition to Net Zero

We’ll help you minimize energy use by your equipment, optimize your system to ensure maximum efficiency of energy use by production process, and decarbonize energy generation by replacing fossil fuels with renewables or installing carbon capture on fossil fuel installations.



Your Roadmap to Decarbonization will show you how to maximize efficiency of energy use within your plant and production processes by eliminating energy losses, de-steaming, electrification, and recovering waste heat, as appropriate.

  • Optimization projects include savings in water, sewer, fuel and CO2; and simple payback
  • Capital projects include improvements related to thermal efficiency as well as system reliability and maintenance
  • Non-capital projects include operational/behavior changes; on-site, web and virtual training


Armstrong will help you establish your baseline of utility generation, including fuels and energy used, efficiency, operational practices, and heat usage. Your plan will identify areas within your plant and processes where energy use can be minimized or eliminated by applying solutions such as reducing setpoints, upgrading process equipment, and decreasing cycle times.


Armstrong, together with our partners, can help you decarbonize the primary energy sources used by your facilities—guided by comprehensive thermal studies and research conducted by Armstrong’s trained experts. Through Decarbonization Roadmap Studies, Armstrong will seek decarbonized alternatives for generating the remaining heat required upon completion of your optimization (heat recovery) projects.

Armstrong is with you, every step of the way.

We can also:

  • Help secure financing
  • Provide guarantees of performance
  • Insure outcomes
  • Operate and maintain your thermal utilities throughout the continuum

Post-Implementation Support

Armstrong is your thermal utility partner throughout implementation of your Roadmap to Decarbonization. We can provide:

  • Periodic (semiannual or annual) measurement and verification of savings
  • Evaluation of equipment performance
  • Revisiting of production and process parameters for change management
  • Setting of future target
  • Roadmap to Decarbonization revisions to reflect progress

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