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Attend our expert seminars, conducted at Armstrong Global Learning Centers, all over the world.

Seminars from Armstrong International are hands-on sessions, taught by trained experts with the technical background and field experience necessary to ensure that you receive relevant, understandable information. Seminars begin with the basics, move on to best methods for installation and application, and conclude by exploring ways to maximize return on your energy investment.

Armstrong Global Learning Centers

Our Learning Centers are equipped with all the latest functional and cutaway equipment, such as glass piping, so you can see how utility systems operate.

Locations throughout the world.

Armstrong has Learning Centers across the globe, in locations that include: Three Rivers, Michigan (USA); Liege, Belgium; Beijing, China; and Guadalajara, Mexico. Many Armstrong representatives throughout the world operate their own learning centers. Armstrong locations in India, Korea and other parts of the world have portable demonstration capabilities that allow us to bring the seminar to you.

Our Experts Can Create a Custom Curriculum or Seminar, Tailored For Your Organization And Industry

At Armstrong, we understand that in any industry, managing your thermal utilities is as challenging as it is crucial. Armstrong University is here to make it easier with unique learning opportunities, tailored for your requirements and delivered at one of Armstrong’s global learning centers.

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