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Configuration and Components for Armstrong International’s EvaPack™ RW Series

EvaPack™ Adiabatic Cooling and Humidification offers significant advantages for your data center, including low energy consumption, tailor-made sizing, easy maintenance and cleaning, and quick installation.

Options for RW Configuration

  • High efficiency integral droplet separator in PP material (requested for VDI 6022 hygienic configuration)
  • Filling water pretreatment by U.V. lamp with 50μm and 5μm water filters
  • Water high temperature alarm
  • Air relative humidity sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Multiple stage control with solenoid valves (up to 4 stage control)
  • Water conductivity sensor


Standard Components Supplied with EvaPack™

Note: The EvaPack™ control panel is required for all electrical devices.

  • Water basin with draining and overflow piping|Evaporative cassettes (composed of EvaPack™ evaporative pad and cassette frames in stainless steel AISI 304)
  • Side and top frames in stainless AISI 304|Irrigation piping
  • Dispersion manifold(s)
  • Water pump
  • Manual adjustment gate valve(s)
  • Water draining valve
  • Solenoid water filling valve
  • Water level sensor

Operation Sequences

This configuration is recommended when the available supplied water has low or medium hardness.

For additional information, please consult the EvaPack™ IOM manual:  EvaPack ™ Series Evaporative Pad Adiabatic Humidifier/Cooler Installation for RW and DW Configuration.

Download Manual

  • Water enters the basin, passing through the filling valve (1). The water level detector (7) controls the basin (2) filling, the pump (3) starting-up and the fill valve opening.
  • The recirculation water pump (3) supplies water to the different dispersion manifolds (5). The water flow of each cassette (6) is adjusted with a manual gate valve (4). Calibrated orifices deliver water evenly over each media pad (6).
  • Dry air passes through a corrugated bank of wetted cells media (6). Air is cooled and humidified.
  • Excess water washes the evaporative pad, then falls (with minerals) into the water tank.
  • Excess minerals are drained by the draining valve, minimizing water consumption and media scaling.

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