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Some of the world’s most respected institutions rely on Armstrong International for industry-leading design, manufacturing and application of humidification and conditioned steam equipment.

Armstrong’s energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions consistently deliver the clean, reliable, precisely controlled humidification necessary for reducing static discharge and airborne bacteria, and achieving a pleasant, comfortable environment for: hospitals and healthcare facilities; hotels and hospitality organizations; and colleges, universities and higher education campuses.

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The Impact of Humidity on Health

Humidity control is important to the quality of air in an occupied building, including germ control. Many studies that show that for maximum health, humidity should be maintained between 40 and 60% RH (relative humidity).

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Humidity and Health – An Explanation of the Benefits of Humidity Related to Health

Acute Respiratory Infections

Maintaining that optimum 40-60% RH increases the respiratory epithelium protection.

  • Maintain mucous fluidity
  • Increase bacteria, virus elimination
  • Reduce cell damages
  • Reduce inflammation process
  • Reduce infection virulence

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Humidification to Help Protect the Respiratory System – White Paper

Bioaerosol Infectivity

Maintaining that optimum 40-60% RH helps control the spread of bioaresols.

  • Reduces bioaerosol droplet evaporation
  • Reduces infection transmission
  • Reduces bioaerosol infectivity