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Armstrong International solves your problems and prevents them with comprehensive thermal utility packages, built for your specific requirements, facilities and industry.

Armstrong’s experienced specialists can help you increase thermal utility system performance and efficiency, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions with a tailor-made packaged solution.

We Take a Holistic Approach to Thermal Utility System Optimization

Our in-depth experience encompasses individual components as well as how they all work together. Our experts understand that conditions like water hammer, flooded coils, or condensate stall may point to larger, more serious issues with your steam and condensate system. Replacing one component, such as a stream trap or condensate pump, may address your immediate symptoms, however, it often does not resolve the larger issue. Using a Band-Aid® approach can ultimately lead to process interruptions, thermal inefficiencies and energy loss, as well as safety concerns.

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Durable, hardworking products, state-of-the-art technology, and expert services.

Your packaged solution will include everything necessary to deliver a reliable, long-term solution that demonstrates unsurpassed value and improved thermal utility performance. If your package requires products that are not manufactured by Armstrong, we can provide those for you, as well.

Many Advantages, From One Trusted and Experienced Source

  • Two-year warranties
  • Optimized condensate removal
  • Customization for your requirements
  • Modular design for easier installation
  • Precise equipment sizing and selection
  • Specifications for equipment and piping
  • Product data sheets

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Armstrong Heat Pump Packages

Whether your goal is cutting energy costs, reaching net zero, or both, Armstrong Heat Pump Packages offer significant benefits over traditional, combustion-based heating.

  • Lower operating costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • Proven reliability
  • Longer lifespan

The Armstrong Industrial Heat Pump Package is an essential component in Circular Thermal.

Armstrong Heat Pump Packages

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Condensate Recovery Packages

From institutional low-pressure steam heating to critical heat transfer in industrial processes, Armstrong’s engineered condensate pump trap packages provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your condensate recovery requirements. Benefits include:

  • Reduced piping layout, detailed engineering and procurement
  • Minimized field labor
  • Fewer installation errors and safety mishaps
  • Shorter overall project time leads
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Custom packages available—ASME, conventional, closed-loop, low-boy and custom-fabricated skid packages

Pumping Trap Receiver Package Capacities to Help Determine Sizing

Armstrong Steam Harness

Armstrong Steam Harness is a comprehensive, fully integrated system package that combines Armstrong’s dependable, long-lasting products and our state-of-the-art technology to reliably deliver the quality of steam your plant needs for a higher level of performance and efficiency, and a superior return on your investment.

Armstrong Steam Harness Brochure

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Mobile Thermal Utility Pods

Dependable and proven, our mobile, state-of-the-art mechanical rooms provide a turnkey, hot water package solution for institutional or process industry use.

For Institutions

Designed to satisfy the heavy demands of challenging circumstances, Armstrong’s Mobile Thermal Utility Pods provide safe, reliable, domestic and high-temperature water for sanitation and wash stations.


  • Configurable for humidification and building heat applications
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Factory supported commissioning
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Factory set to comply with ASHRAE and WHO guidelines
  • Remote system monitoring and documentation
  • PNG, LPG fueled                  

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For Process Industry

Armstrong’s Mobile Thermal Utility Pods are engineered to satisfy your immediate need for increased capacity by delivering safe, reliable, hot water at temperatures required for washdown, sanitation and hand washing.


  • Standard Hot Water Pods feature 50-200 GPM capacities
  • Quick delivery
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Factory supported virtual commissioning
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Factory set to comply with ASHRAE and WHO guidelines
  • Remote system monitoring and documentation
  • PNG, LPG fueled

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